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    World's On Fire

    Available Now!

    We are very excited to share with you music we have been working very hard on.  This collection of 14 songs are a mix of love, relationships and making the most of our time with our loved ones.  We named it World's on Fire after our title track of the same name because of the sense of urgency and passion that the song pull from, and we feel like we tried to pull that through the whole album.

    World's On Fire Information:

    Track Listing

    1. Sugar Rush *                                   (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Steve Schnur )  
    2. Love You Til the End ***              (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Tommy Collier)
    3. World's on Fire *                            (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Don Poythress)
    4. Texas is a Woman**                (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Matt Rogers)
    5. Hometown Girl *                           (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Don Poythress)  
    6. Jesus or a Bullet  *                          (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Maren Morris)
    7. Hank (Rolling in My Grave) *   (Writers B Henningsen & Joshua O'Keefe)
    8. Airstreamin' *                                 (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Robert K. Wolf)    
    9. Country Cool ***                             (Writers A,C Henningsen, John Ritter, Lane Bass, Mike Todd and Jennifer Todd)            
    10. There's a Line **                             (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Don Poythress)  
    11. Why I Farm ****                              (Writers A,B,C Henningsen)
    12. Like a Girl ***                                  (Writers A,B,C Henningsen & Tim Nichols)
    13. Like No One's Watching *****  (Writers A,B Henningsen, Lindsay Rimes & Phil Barton)
    14. Golden **                                          (Writers A,B,C Henningsen)

    Producers: *Dalton Brothers **the Henningsens ***Brad Hill ****Ilya Toshinskiy ***** Lindsay Rimes

    Executive Producer: Aaron Henningsen

    Mixed By: Jim Cooley & Rob Burrell

    Mastered St: Georgetown Masters

    Production/Engineering Consultants: Chris Latham and Scott Glasel

    Photography and album design: Dale Manning


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